Player Profile
Player Profile
Techne Futbol

Gabriel Rubio-Parker
5Center Back, Outside Back, Center Midfield, Outside Midfield
Both feet dominant
Chicago Soccer Academy
Elgin, Illinois


Gabriel is originally from the Chicago suburbs and was born into a multicultural family. His dad is a Colombia native, and his mom is from the state of Georgia. Both of his parents grew up abroad and eventually settled in the Chicago area, where Gabriel was born. This rich cultural background has influenced Gabriel's love for soccer, and he is proud to connect his soccer roots to both his Colombian and American heritage. He's a fan of Millonarios F.C. in Colombia, Portland Timbers (he likes the CharĂ¡ brothers), and Liverpool F.C. in England. He also enjoys reading, playing on his Switch with his younger brother, and learning all kinds of facts about Pokemon. Gabriel is fluent in English and Spanish.


Chicago Soccer Academy #42
CSA is where Gabriel started his soccer journey. He began playing just for fun, but after not making the cut in his first try-outs for the travel team, he decided he was going to work hard, improve, and keep trying. He made it into the travel team the next year and has excelled as one of the hardest working players in CSA. He leads the whole organization in Techne hours.


Techne Futbol 4th All-time IL
Gabriel is currently in 4th place All-Time in Illinois. His goal is to earn his gray socks in June and keep adding to his 100+ day training streak.



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